Verifying SMTP works in K2 server


How to verify that the SMTP is working in the K2 server? This article will guide you to verify whether is due to K2 or SMTP server setup.


  1. Ensure that the powershell feature is install
  2. Ensure that the telnet client feature is install


  1. Do a telnet against your SMTP serverSMTP2
    • If there is firewall blocking, your telnet command may not work. You can continue to the next step. Otherwise, resolved this issue first.
  2. Edit the highlighted parameter below as per your environment:
    • $smtpServer = “”
      $smtpFrom = “”
      $smtpTo = “”
      $messageSubject = “Test notification via powershell”
      $messageBody = “Test notification via powershell at $(Get-Date -format ‘u’)”$smtp = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer)
  3. Copy and paste the script into Powershell ISESMTP1.png
  4. Press Enter key
    • If successful, no message will be shown. You should be able to view the email in your inbox.
      • If you did not receive the email, that would means that there is a blockage in the SMTP server to your mailbox. Check with your SMTP team regarding this.
    • If unsuccessful, there will be a error message displayed. You can work with your SMTP team from there. You can refer to for the list of smtp error codes.


K2 provide 2 types of email setup, SMTP and Exchange. For now, I am only able to verify against SMTP server but not with exchange. If you have any idea that we can verify the exchange works well in K2 server (through microsoft OOB features), please feel free to leave it in the comment. Thanks!


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