Moving K2 installation files for server space allocation

K2 server C drive is out of space? K2 files in D drive? Required to format D drive to allocate more space to C drive?

Yes, you are in the right blog! Recently i had a client require to increase C drive storage space due to the increasing of usage. The server itself not only K2 but SQL as well. The problem here is that K2 files are installed on D drive. In order to allocate space into C drive, it would require to remove D drive and allocate the remaining space to C drive.

So what can we do? A standard answer will be uninstall K2 components then reinstall it again. But we manage to come out with another quick workaround. Following are the steps took to achieve the results:

  1. Allocate a new drive with some storage space called it F drive.
  2. Copy all the K2 files to F drive
  3. Format and delete D drive
  4. Allocate the space to C drive
  5. Change F drive back to D
  6. Viola! Your K2 should start working as per norm.


  • We encounter some issues while formatting the D drive, if it prompts for access or files in used error, try restarting the server and do it again.
  • Do a VM snapshot before this exercise

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