K2 for SharePoint pre-requisite


There is an increase in customers looking to integrate between K2 and SharePoint Online. Running through the K2 wizards and K2 for SharePoint App are not difficult when everything is in placed.

Here comes the tricky part where you need to get everything right before the installation. This article will guide you through to verify on the pre-requisite to ensure your smooth K2 for SharePoint online installation.

Target Audience

For K2 developers who require to do K2 for SharePoint Online installation. You must at least understand or have setup K2 and IIS before.


K2 Designer, Runtime and Workspace in IIS

K2 Designer, Runtime and workspace should be in one IIS site. When authenticating to the form site, there is a redirection to identity site. If the identity site URL is not exposed to public, users will not be able to access. Set to windows authentication will not work as this is SP online will be using claims authentication.

How to check: Go to IIS site, ensure that the mentioned sites are all together.

SSL Certificate

It is a requirement to have a SSL cert setup for K2 for SharePoint. Thus, please ensure you have the certificate ready.

How to check: Ensure you have the file ready on your machine

SSL Certificate and K2 Server

Once you have the SSL Certificate, you should bind it to your K2 web server and re run the configuration accordingly. You have to ensure that the URL that your browser does not show any SSL certificate error. If there is an error, you will not be able to proceed with the configuration.

How to check: Ensure no SSL certificate error when browsing the URL.

Exposing K2 server

You have to expose K2 server to public network. It should be accessible via public network with credentials prompt.

How to check: Connect to a home or private network (not your office network) and enter the URL with HTTPS. You should be prompted for logon credentials.


K2 for SharePoint Installer Account

When you installed the K2 for SharePoint App in your SharePoint Online site, you will require to login an account. This account require to have the Global Administrator rights aka Tenant Admin (https://help.k2.com/onlinehelp/k2blackpearl/icg/4.7/default.htm#Plan/Required_Permissions.htm).


I have came across one good article by Matthew on how to install the K2 for SharePoint app, if you are interested, you may refer to https://techmongrel.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/k2-sharepoint-online-o365-integration-installation-and-configuration-tutorial/


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